2020 Worldwide Pride Events List

**Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many upcoming Pride events are being postponed. We have done our best to source info about cancellations and posted them below. If you know that an event listed here has been postponed and we have not yet updated it, please email us at hello@queerlydesigns.com**

Check out our list of some major LGBTQ+ 2020 pride events happening around the world. For the purposes of accessibility, we’ve included FREE events only. We have focused mainly on the events which kick off pride weeks or weekends in many locations––most locations have additional events surrounding the main pride events listed here. You can find more details about all associated pride events on the linked websites. 

This list will be updated as time goes on and more info from Pride event planners becomes available. If we missed an event that you think we should include, email hello@queerlydesigns.com

To the best of our knowledge, this information is accurate. However, we recommend you double-check all details on the associated organization’s website before planning to attend any of these events. 

February 2020 Pride Events

February 29th - Cape Town Pride Parade - Cape Town, South Africa

March 2020 Pride Events

March 7th - Wellington International Pride Parade - Wellington, New Zealand

March 28th - Tampa Pride Diversity Parade - Tampa, Florida - **POSTPONED TO MAY 30TH**

March 31st - Trans Day of Visibility Pride March and Rally - New York, New York

April 2020 Pride Events

April 1st - Philadelphia Black Pride - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

April 5th - Miami Beach Pride Parade - Miami Beach, Florida **POSTPONED - NEW DATE TBD**

April 5th - Phoenix Pride Parade - Phoenix, Arizona **POSTPONED - NEW DATE TBD**

April 25th - First Annual Pride of the Americas Parade - Fort Lauderdale, Florida **POSTPONED - NEW DATE TBD**

April 25th - Tokyo Rainbow Pride Kickoff - Tokyo, Japan

May 2020 Pride Events

May 22nd - DC Black Pride CommUNITY Opening Reception - Washington DC

May 23rd - Belgian Pride Parade - Brussels, Belgium - **POSTPONED TO AUGUST 29th**

May 31st -  Fierté Canada Pride Parade - Winnipeg, Canada 

May 31st - Black and Latin@ Gay Pride Kickoff - Albany, New York

June 2020 Pride Events

June 7th - Dallas Pride Parade - Dallas, Texas

June 8th - Roma Pride Parade - Rome, Italy

June 12th - Albuquerque Night PrideFest & Art Reception - Albuquerque, New Mexico

June 12th - Tel Aviv Pride Parade - Tel Aviv, Israel

June 13th - Boston Pride Parade - Boston, Massachusetts

June 13th - New Orleans Pride Parade - New Orleans, Louisiana

June 13th - STX Gay Pride Parade - St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

June 14th - São Paulo Pride Parade - São Paulo, Brazil

June 14th - Philly PrideDay LGBT Parade - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 27th - Houston Pride Parade - Houston, Texas

June 27th - Cincinnati Pride - Cincinnati, Ohio 

June 27th - Nashville Pride Parade - Nashville, Tennessee 

June 27th - Pride San Antonio Parade - San Antonio, Texas

June 27th - Dublin Pride Parade - Dublin, Ireland

June 27th - London Pride Parade - London, England

June 28th - NYC Pride March - New York, New York

June 28th - San Francisco Pride Parade - San Francisco, California

June 28th - Seattle Pride Parade - Seattle, Washington

July 2020 Pride Events

July 4th - Madrid Gay Pride Parade - Madrid, Spain

July 11th - Bristol Pride Parade March - Bristol, England

July 18th - San Diego Pride Parade - San Diego, California

August 2020 Pride Events

August 1st - Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

August 10th - Austin Pride Parade - Austin, Texas

August 16th - Montreal Pride Parade - Montreal, Canada

August 20th - Provincetown Carnival Parade - Provincetown, Massachusetts 

August 22ndToledo Pride ParadeToledo, Ohio 

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